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Jul 29, 2014

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Jul 26, 2014

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Jul 24, 2014

Tonight 6-9pm 
Columbine Library at Société Berlin

Jul 23, 2014

It’s a feat of creativity to compose poems that work as poems, in a book that works as sculpture, in a package that presents as a pipe-bomb wrapped in pink cotton candy.
Brad Phillips review of Bunny Rogers’s book, Cunny Poem Vol. 1 (via popserial)

Jul 18, 2014


Six drawings on loose leaf paper depicting Pokemon character Gothitelle.

Made for Bunny Rogers upcoming show ‘Columbine Library’ @ Société, Berlin, July 2014

Jul 17, 2014

Jul 13, 2014


Cunny Poem Vol. 1 by Bunny Rogers

                Cunny Poem Vol. 1 shifts between the view of childhood through adulthood and adulthood through childhood. The results speak for themselves. Pared down to the absolute essentials with every detail intact Cunny Poem Vol. 1 is piece of art in every possible way. A masterwork of sorts it is the accumulation of a Tumblr and an art practice made perfect. Speaking directly to the reader Bunny Rogers seems to make direct eye contact with the reader while remaining hidden. 

                Mysterious in nature the collection refuses light. The pieces work best in the darkness. Hence the lines “your spine is a joke” and “Where we wake up and go to work to laugh at your dick”. Beyond this are mere fragments of a past, kept mostly out of view. Geography is limited to the L train, hating Texas, and the inevitable eventual death on Long Island. Nobody really wants to die on Long Island but plenty of people do anyway. Death is a key theme throughout the collection. Without any kind of fear death is accepted as an essential part of life, the finale. 

                Focus on winter comes out throughout the collection. A poem celebrates making days as short as possible. That is one of the key benefits of winter: letting life slip by. Yet next to these ideas of quickly passing days are the needs to remain in touch. Bunny Rogers talks of the need for charged cellphones. Communication is a must for some reason. People constantly feel the desire to contact one another for reasons that are often fairly mundane. Tools are given to everyone so that there is no escape from whatever civilization is trying to do. 

                Deep within the collection are the unifying themes of death and cuteness. This is shown through not only the words but the accompanying illustrations that highlight the overwhelming darkness that is being an adult realizing what their childhood actually meant. Perhaps that is the main point of Cunny Poem Vol. 1: to reflect on how dark it was to be a child from the viewpoint of a fully grown adult. Balance between these two contradictory worlds makes for a number of jarring moments within the collection, like thinking about a cute someone while worrying about teeth falling out.  

                Bunny Rogers has created a new language with Cunny Poem Vol. 1. Replete with simplistic yet forceful language, text-like spelling errors, and elements of true concern for the world, Cunny Poem Vol. 1 is a beautiful dark work, a universe unto itself.

Cunny Poem Vol. 1 with custom crocheted bookmarks by Lois Anderson

Jul 12, 2014

Half of the “West Wing” sweatsuit


Brigid Mason & Bunny Rogers performing
@ Issue Project Room, Brooklyn
July 2, 2014
Photo: Kurt Beers