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Oct 15, 2014


Signal to make that move
from just my imagination to not my imagination
Take tips from military kids
Manage my unmanageable life
and unmanageable interests
No mam, No man wants marriage
Who’s got a sharp tongue? Who wants to prove it?
Listen and learn
Listen and you’ll love them, Listen and you’ll hate them
We call them Measurements
Ruin it with vocals (you always do)

Oct 10, 2014

Oct 7, 2014


Clone of Jean D’Arc (“Joan”):  WHISPER WHISPER PAELLA

(grenadine, orgeat, coffee syrup, lemon, seltzer)

Ugh, your friends are SO IMMATURE!  You know you’re doing the responsible thing by not drinking or smoking raisins, but they’re making fun of you, because they’re all such… BONEHEADS.  It makes you so mad, you pour an ounce of coffee syrup and an ounce of lemon juice over ice!  Then you add two ounces of grenadine and two ounces of orgeat syrup, because you’re not stupid.  You mix it all together and then top the whole thing with seltzer water.  See, you can so have fun without them!

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Sep 30, 2014

"Columbine Library" available from Société, Berlin
Text by Hannah Black
Images by Elliot Spence

Edition of 300

Sep 16, 2014

Sunday Sept. 21, 5pm

Book release & reading by Hannah Black / Closing of Columbine Library
Editioned merchandise for sale designed by Bunny Rogers

Société Berlin

Genthiner Straße 36
10785 Berlin

Sep 6, 2014

Sep 4, 2014

My Apologies Accepted

Civil Coping Mechanisms
September 22, 2014
Cover artwork by Brad Phillips

Aug 29, 2014

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Aug 24, 2014